Our Story

Our founders are a combination of successful entrepreneurs and experienced Fortune 100 executives. For the last five years, they traveled the USA to gather new healthcare ideas, learn about emerging technologies, and organically build a team capable of disrupting healthcare for you.

Our Mission

Empower our members to take charge of their health and well-being with best in class benefits, patient-centered information technology platform, and convenient integrated care teams.

Our Vision

Implement user friendly smart healthy communities.

Alluriam Employee Availability Planner

Employee Availability Planner (EAP) is a service, developed by Alluriam, to help business owners improve the safety of their employees and customers in the presence of highly contagious diseases. The technology allows business managers to plan their operations based on knowing the health status of their employees.

Employees get the benefit of knowing their health status on a continuous basis along with the convenience of one source to get help answering the many questions they have about their health status.

Who should use the EAP?

EAP is for use of busines that have extensive and frequent contact with the public and where goods or services are frequently provided. A few examples are Restaurants, Registration Offices, Office Supply Stores, Packaging Stores, etc. While the initial driving force for the use of EAP is as an assistant for managing COVID-19 Back-to-Work programs, it serves that function for any infectious disease where the transmission of infection involves air, surfaces, touching. We expect this tool to help manage the business health status for any infectious disease and help make these businesses a Safe Place.

What is a Safe Place?

  • A business that is taking extra precautions in operations, screening, and sanitation to make it a safe place for employees to work and guests to come,
  • A business that provides the benefits of testing for its employees,
  • A business that not only manages operations and scheduling using their normal tools, but also uses EAP to add health-status-based planning.

What about Privacy?

  • No information about employees is collected without their expressed permission as provided in the consent forms signed by all employees,
  • The EAP cloud service employs secure protocols and encryption to control access to all data.
  • Alluriam does not share your information with third parties of any nature unless required by law or regulatory requirements (e.g. HIPAA consent requires Alluriam to share information with an employee’s caregivers).